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How well does Download Accelerator work?

We all want our online downloads to be complete in record time. It is a natural human instinct to want things done quickly. If you are the boss in the office, you definitely want your subordinates to carry out your instructions on time. The same feelings apply in the world of information technology. We need a faster browser, faster downloads, and machines that can perform zillions of calculations in seconds. To narrow this down to the personal computer, we want machines that enable us to multi-task and surf the net fast. DAP makes downloads easier and can help with this goal.

Today’s high-end Internet connections greatly reduce download times of music, movies, PDFs, and more. However, these extreme Internet connections are not widely available. Therefore, the majority of us still have to make do with the so-called ‘’ high-speed broadband connection.’’ Download accelerator plus (Premium) is a piece of software that enables you to download files fast with broadband or even another slower Internet connection. The download speed is extreme, and in a matter of seconds, your download is complete.

Download accelerator plus does not only download files fast with up to 10 connections per download, but it also has other features like a file shredder which helps you destroy unwanted files so these files do not get to in hands of someone else. You can also download torrents at an amazing speed. The trace cleaner does a good job removing download traces. DAP also has a few other handy features that are useful. Some of the other features are the advanced FTP feature, a built-in media player, and a zip file preview tool.

Compared to other download managers, DAP premium is the best we have tried. It increases download speed by up to 400% and can do background downloads without you feeling the effects while working.

On the other hand, what I do not like about DAP as a download manager is that it only allows for one year of free upgrades. The last I checked, the price for this piece of software was $29.95. Also, it should be noted that there is no substitute for a much better connection. I did use a T4 Internet connection to download a couple of movies that I bought online and it was far better than using a broadband connection and DAP together.

We also want to point out that you can use the free version of this software as well. We found the free version to be good, but not the best free download tool. The free version does not download as fast and it also displays ads within the software as well. We found that the Orbit downloader was a better option if you are looking for a free tool.

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