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I have installed catia v5 R19 x64bit version for windows vista x64bit. The installation was successful, however when starting up a new part or opening a file the display remains blank. I can see toolbars and icons but no geometry, workplane, etc.

I am running a windows Vista Ultimate x64bit with a NVidia GeForce GTX 295 processor and have been told that the graphics card is incompatible with this software.

As a result I want to by an additional graphics card which will alow me to use Catia, however, don't know which could be used in conjuction with the GTX295.

I have been looking at ATI Radeon and Nvidia Quadro FX graphics cards, but don't know how to go about implementing them.

Can you please give me some advice.




I don't have much knowledge of Catia, but I do think I can help with a dual video card problem. First, most motherboards require that the dual video cards have the same chipset. So, you will need to choose a similar video card if you decide to buy another video card. This could cause a problem if you are having trouble finding a Catio compatible video card with the same chipset. Here are some good directions on how to perform the install: Also, if their is a way for you to take the original video card back and buy a compatible video card, I think this will be your best option. Most experts I have talked with have agreed that a dual video card setup isn't usually worth the money.

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