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Apple Loses iPad Trademark in China

Apple has lost the 'iPad' trademark in China. As disturbing as that sounds, Chinese economy policy works that way. China aims to protect businesses based in China and the ruling did not come as a big surprise to outsiders. Now, Apple will have to market the iPad under a new name in China. Of course, this will not be too good for business.

The Chinese styled patent court, which is located in Shenzen China, ruled in favor of Proview Technology, which trademarked the name 'iPad' in 2000. Apple was sued for $1.6 billion in October for Copyright infringement. Those familiar with doing business in China believe Proview did that so has to be able to pay for its $64 million debt.

Chinese patent law is designed to help China only. We may see a number of Chinese versions of Western products, copied illegally but protected by law in China. Take for instance Baidu, which is the Asia's own version of Google. Not to mention Weibo that is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

Apple purchased the right to the name 'iPad' from Proview's global parent company, however, the Chinese court blatantly refused to share the same sentiments.

What sells, in the computer market, is the brand value and in Apple's case, the name is what brings in the money. Pushing the gizmo under a new moniker may be difficult.

The only available option now for Apple is to buy the rights from Proview again. If that is not possible, Apple will be required to market the iPad under a different name. If Apple is not able to use the name 'iPad' in China, that is a major problem for the company. So far, Apple has not commented on the issue.

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